Anya Tchoupakov


Hey there. 

I'm Anya—I deal in words. I grew up trilingual, and have loved the very concept of language from a young age. My parents are ballet teachers, so wherever the work took them, I came along, picking up snippets of other languages and cultures along the way. From Romania to Japan, whether for a month or a year, we lived like locals and picked up cuisines and idioms that made our every-day dinner table look like a world map. 

Almost as soon as I learned English, my Russian immigrant parents and their friends began to use me as a personal editor. I proofread and edited every word of their e-mails, report cards, articles, and papers. What started out as a childhood chore has become a passion and a career. Though I can't really put it on my resumé, I've been editing for over a decade. 

My professional skills have been honed over the past five years most significantly at Creators (VICE), where I became an article-pumping machine and learned that research will get you everywhere; at Dirt (Dig Inn), where I fell in love with the food world and the people in it; and at Healthyish (Bon Appétit), where my excitement about it grew ever stronger and pushed me into the kitchen myself. 

My international-artistic upbringing has become part of everything I do. I try to write the stories only I can write, and do justice to them. Armed with my trusty Oxford comma, I am ready to keep learning, keep working, and keep creating. 


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